Carrier Chiller Models 30GT & 30GTN

Class Name: CH02 – 30GT • 2 XXXXday Mornings •• (For current details email Larry at )

A 9 hour seminar covering the Carrier  30GB & 30GT Air Cooled Chillers manufactured between 1982 and 1999. They use 06E model recip. compressors and Flotronic 1 Controls – These are recognized by a large green microprocessor, separate relay board, a black display board with 2 red digits, a button at upper right. and a leaving water set point potentiometer knob at its center. The  Carrier 30GTN Air Cooled Chillers were manufactured between 1999 and 2005. These also use 06E model recip. compressors and have the Comfortlink Controls – recognized by a  smaller microprocessor and a  4 button marquee display-  “ESCAPE” “ENTER” “UP­” and “DOWN¯” Keys.

Subjects: Familiarization,  Flotronic 1 & ComfortLink Controls Operation,  Menu Navigation, Viewing Operating Points and Alarms, Resetting Alarms, System Configuration, Using QUICK Test and SERVICE TEST to troubleshoot,  Electronic Expansion Valve Operation and Testing, Electrical Controls, Electrical Sequences and Controls Troubleshooting are stressed.

Start Date: x/xx/1x    2 xxxday mornings   8am to 12:30pm

Tuition: $xxx.00 (For details email Larry at )

Location: Coastal HVAC Supply – (North I-45 and BW8) 51Esplanade Suite 100, Houston, TX 77060

NATE Certified Technician Recertification: – A NATE certified technician that completes/earns a certificate for attending a seminar conducted by Giroux AC Training may use the certificate for NATE continuing education Recertification CE hours.